Monday, May 13, 2013

Yellow Brick Road

I don't know what it is about Italy, but we have seen more rainbows in the year and a half that we have lived here than in our entire lives. It seems as though one pops up each time it rains. It's another one of the many wonders that we experience while living in this fabulous country--perhaps they are a trade-off for having to endure the almost CONSTANT rain in this country. I will miss them.
My all-time favorite...I woke up and opened the kitchen window to this one morning
You can just make out the double rainbow 

Loved that we could see the top of the arch on this one

While driving.... 

Behind the vines...what a great, "I took this in Italy shot"

From Via Fontanelle 

In my front yard 

After flood number 1 

From our kids' window... 

Into our town 

Next to the castle.... 

This one isn't in Italy, it's actually in Paris.  I took this while walking down the steps from Sacre Coeur

I obviously didn't take this one...the husband of my friend Mary Katherine did last year while he was deployed to Afghanistan.  It's still the was beautiful rainbow that I've "seen" while living in Italy.
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  1. Love the rainbows, can't wait to see them for myself! :)


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