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Upcoming Via Fontanelle Blog Topics to Tickle your Fancy and Keep you Coming Back!

The Town of Nove' and its Fabulous Ceramics
Marostica and the chess match
30 flavors of GELATO in 30 days!
And a NEW blog series--YCMTSU!!--I'm thinking this will be fun each Friday
Monday's Market
Sicily--and the Tallest, Most Awesome Tour Guide EVER!
Rome--A Visit With Big Papa
Notre Dame--We Almost Got Kicked Out....
Garmish, Germany
Lucca, Italy
Italian Trash
Juliet's Balcony
The bathroom...
La Rotunda
Festival of the Donna
Brenner Pass
Wedding Traditions....
Lake Garda
The Clothesline
Venice, again
Garmisch in the springtime
Neuschwanstein Castle
Zell am See
Summer Tabogn
The Sound of Music Tour in Salzberg
I Sailed The Grand Canal on a Pirate Ship
Monte Berico
Downtown Vicenza
The vespa

(I wear this sometimes, too...)

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