Sunday, May 12, 2013

Here's your sign, European style

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A rite of passage when moving as often as we do is having to take the dreaded DMV drivers license test from state to state.  This time it was a little different.  Imagine your worst nightmare.  This was worse...Instead of having to remember a few random law changes between states, this time we were required to remember lots of changes, in Italian, with a slew of new signs.  Once we got over the true shock and awe of our newly required knowledge, we started to see the humor in the situation.  The driving motto over here in Europe, especially in good ole' Italia should be, "Why use just one sign when twenty make the landscape so much more colorful..." Here are a few of our favorite signs we've seen since living and traveling in Europe (some are actual road signs and some are just for useful information) Enjoy!

Why just have one street sign when 10 add to the view?

This friendly welcoming sign is located on the gate of one of my neighbors.  It reads, "Beware of dog and his owner".  Nice.

Ironically, this little gem is located at the entrance to our town: "Montegladella, the country of the greetings".  There's even a city-made youtube video!

New interpretation of "slippery when wet"

Yep, this is my daughter.  There is just so many things wrong with this sign, I don't know where to begin...


This is how the electric company notifies you that the power will be turned off for routine maintenance--a small paper sign on a random telephone pole on our road.

This is actually a famous sign in Venice pointing both ways to San Marcos square

This is actually the first sign I ever saw in Italy.  Apparently it's for a lost pet OWL!

This one is located inside Jackson's Kindergarten classroom--I know it's not an official "sign" but I just got a kick out of it! Now you understand why we love his teacher so much.

Door to bathroom in the parking garage in Verona. Classy...

Apparently the Germans felt this sign was your step!

See the top of that hill...this is where the sign in the picture above is located. Glad they warned me (yes, I'm being sarcastic here)

This is the safety card from a Ryan Air flight.  In classic Ryan Air fashion, they have attached it to the back of the seat in front of you.  See the bottom square with the "No" circles?  Jackson asked us why you aren't supposed to wear glass slippers on the plane!


 No explanation is necessary for this one....

 And a close-up...

This is really a sign...and the best part is it was stuck to the wall directly above the toilet at Ludwig's Linderhof castle. Now that's Klassy (with a "K")

I didn't take this picture but I've seen the sign.  Add this one to the "never would happen in America" column!


  1. My husband and I took a trip to Venice (and Rome and Florence) in March and loved getting completely lost down the winding streets looking for St. Mark's Square. We'd love to eventually retire to Italy (in many years)- it looks so lovely!

  2. Hi Amy. It is certainly an adventure. :) We love most things about Italy and the wonderful experience our children are getting by living here! I'll add you to my blog roll! Thanks for checking in!
    Amy Brock


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