Saturday, May 18, 2013

It is CRAZY Flooded!

I will update one more time with the photos I took tonight after this post.  There was an awesome storm and I got some great ones! When Steve got home from work a few hours ago, we decided to walk into town on the berm.  If you are unsure of what a berm is read here and then look below. 

Pictures of the berm in our yard. It acts as a wall/dam to keep the river out of our yard.  Hopefully. And Yep, another rainbow.  There were several tonight.
Here are sights along the way during our walk on the berm into town...WARNING...I took A LOT of pictures and these are only a small amount of them....but they'll help show you what it's like where we live.  I love our little country house and town!

From our house, the water has almost reached the top of the berm.
 Looking down from the berm onto our house.  This shows just how high the berm actually is, and therefore, how high the water is on the other side of it...

 The water on the other side...almost even with the top of the berm

 This is the forth soccer ball we've seen floating down the river

The smooth part is where the river "usually" is
"Closer up" of the castle that we can see from our house

 The old barn and vineyard that I always take pictures of from my kitchen window

Walking on top of the berm.  You can just barely see our house in the background.

These guys aren't usually here :)

The "Boobie" Mountains
Our house is the last house on the left in the distance.  None of this water is usually here.

 I bet this was a beautiful house a long time ago.  You can see just how deep the water is.  Obviously, this house was on the wrong side of the berm.

Look how fast the water is flowing!

Scenes from our drive to our house--I'm standing on the berm looking down on the road to our house.  I've met a big 18 wheeler on this narrow road MANY times.

Wonder what this guy is thinking....I bet I know!
 This is our adorable town of Montegaldella.  Yep.  This is it--the entire town. (yes, I'm serious)

Sure am glad the berm is here.
 Where the river overtook the road.  This is the road the school bus has to take.  See that yellow house up on the right, that's my friend's house. In the distance, you can just make out the bridge between Montegalda and Montegaldella.

 This is a horse farm.

 That's the top of the fence just peeking out of the water.

 Close up of the river crossing the road and my friend's house on the right--she's fine, by the way.

These are ALL slugs escaping the water!
 Wheat field in front of our house when we were walking back

 That's our house from way across the water (that usually isn't here!)

 Lewis and Delilah waiting for us to come home!
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  1. Wow that's a lot of water! I didn't realize the water levels rose that much from the storm. Stay safe!

    1. Can you believe this is the third time in the year and a half that we've had "the hundred year flood"....The pictures don't even come close to describing just how much water it was---deeper than 30 feet in some spots. Crazy. Tomorrow, I'm posting these awesome photos from just after a thunderstorm we had last night...Where are you from in the states?

  2. Ack! Hopefully you'll all stay dry! Love the pictures of your town-- so cool

    Happy to be a new follower from the hop!


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