Sunday, May 19, 2013

AMAZING Lightening After Friday's Storm

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After dinner on Friday night, we had one of those crazy thunder storms that was over quickly but really produced some wind and rain.  After it was all said and done, the lighting outside was unlike anything I've EVER seen.  Both Steve and my friend Amara, who lives down the street, called to tell me about it.  Keep in mind, NOT ONE of these photos are retouched or enhanced in any way.  They are amazing! I'm so glad I was home, with camera charged and in hand to capture these!

Yep, another rainbow.  We saw three last night in a span of two hours.

This is looking down Via Fontanelle.  My tiny drive way is between those two buildings.  See the last flower pot ON THE tiny driveway is right there.

Walking up here, I could already tell the color and lighting was amazing!

Luigi checking out the river.  He lives down the's his bicycle that was in the earlier photo. 

 Look at how the sky was reflecting on the water!

Even with the CRAZY weather and FREAKISH flooding, today turned out to be an "I love Italy" kind of day.

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