Monday, May 20, 2013

In a Villa Down By the Ree-Vah...

Do you remember how in this post,  I told you all about my friend who lived down by the river in my little town?

 Steve and I walked down to her house on the berm and I showed you these photos of her house?


That's her yellow house up on the right.

On the night that I took these pictures, we drove over to her house (we had to come the other way to get there).  Her name is Amara and our families have become good friends. Our house is directly to the left of her house--we can actually see the roof of it across the big field (that is now filled with water).

We wanted to stop in and check on her and the family and to take some pictures from her house of the river (plus we got to gawk at the Italians who were all gawking at us).

Here are some of the shots we got:

 The bridge into town was closed, so we had to walk across it.  That's Steve up ahead. Amara's house is on the left side of the bridge.

 That's it to the left.  And you can see down the street where the river has crossed the road.  We were at the other end of the street when we took the original pictures.  Ready for a shocker...

And it's on the river.  Yep.  That's her house. I know, right.... 

See that window on the bottom left--the one with the red curtain...that's her kitchen/dinning room.

 Here's the river rushing under the bridge.

 Looking through her garage.

And from the patio.

Remember her kitchen window...this is looking out of it.

I like this guy's sweatshirt.  And yes, they are staring at us...

Their dog loves me best. 

 The island...

Our castle.

After 3 "this only happens once in 100 years" floods in the 9 months that they've lived here, Amara and her family are moving out.  It doesn't help that her landlord is an asshole not very nice. Thankfully, their new house is NO WHERE near a river...

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