Sunday, May 19, 2013

And the Babysitter of the Year Award Goes to....

NOT Steve! 
This is post number 2 for today, so if you haven't read the other "main post" click here.
I had to run to the market this evening to pick up something for dinner.  When I arrived home, this is what I saw:

The back end of our backyard had flooded at little and the kids had dragged their toys over to that end.
It had become their own little adventure water theme park.

Then they were nice enough to use the towels that I had JUST washed and JUST hung out on the clothes line to dry off with...
Steve's excuse: By the time he noticed what they were up to, they were already wet, so he just let them have at it...
At least they had fun!
Sorry so many of the pictures are so blurry...I forgot to switch my camera to "action shot" apparently!

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