Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The BEST Artist (and blog post about it) EVER!

Yesterday, I received an email from Jackson's teacher, Mrs. Tramm.  We love her.

If you haven't met Jackson or don't know about his love of art, click HERE before reading any farther.

One of the things that we love about Mrs. Tramm the most is her awesome sense of humor.  She's a Kindergarten teacher--she's got to see the humor in life, right?  

Either that or take up drinking.  

At school.

Anyways, Mrs. Tramm sent me an email that read like this:

Make sure you check Jackson's folder today.  There's some art work in there for you.

I assumed that Jackson had drawn a picture, made a collage, mosaic, or fabtacular painting of something, most likely our cherry tree, which he is anxiously awaiting to bear fruit. 

I was wrong.

This was better.

But, I didn't realize it at first.

Because I found this:

I read it, chuckled that it was yet ANOTHER report on the status of said cherry tree, and flipped to the next page in his folder.

This is where I found it.

The most awesome drawing of all time. 

But, paper clipped on top of the most awesome drawing of all time, was a note from Jackson's teacher.

It said:

I nodded my head in agreement.  I love all the experiences that my children get from living overseas.  

Rock on Hip Awesome Teacher!

And then I flipped to the next page:

 That is EXACTLY what The David looks like! 

 Jackson remembers it WELL apparently, because he has SEEN it! (Make sure you look closely, just in case you may have missed somepart something impenis, I mean IMPORTANT!)

(Read about that experience HERE)

It looks like he kind-of struggled with the face, but he got all the important parts down!!

Way to go Buddy!

I Love Jackson, too!

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  1. Too too funny! Kids really break things down to the nuts and bolts (pun intended) And what an awesome teacher... that's the best gift ever!

    1. I know :) I totally took both the picture and the note from Mrs. Tramm and am getting them framed together! I loved your pun :)

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