Thursday, May 9, 2013

Podere Casanova Part Three

A panaramic view of Podere Casanova

Do you know how when sometimes you take a vacation and then you actually NEED another vacation to recover from the original one?  This trip to Tuscany was not one of those types of vacations.  We actually got to relax and enjoy ourselves.  The weather had a lot to do with it.  There were a couple of days where the weather was just too rainy and yucky and we didn't want to bother with dragging the kids out in it. Instead, we just decided to "hang out" and enjoy ourselves around Podere Casanova.  We drank wine--lots of wine, and we ate food--lots of that too, and we simply walked around and let the kids enjoy some slightly warmer weather in Italy.  

 Unfortunately, it was just too cold to swim...

The pots that these trees were in were HUGE

 The adorable road into town...

 Things were just starting to turn green a bloom

 Some of the vineyards on the property

 The kids loved the goats

 They were super friendly

I was scared they would fall of the ledge (see it RIGHT behind them)

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