Monday, August 12, 2013

The Orsay

Ready for a shocker: The number one rated attraction (by Trip Advisor) in Paris isn't the Eiffel.  It isn't the Arc de Triomphe.  And it isn't the Louvre.  It's the Musée d' Orsay.  I know, right?  I was shocked, too.  And then I went to the place, and I have to say, I was pree-tee impressed with it.

The Orsay was totally one of the places that ended up on our "Ok, if we get to it, but we won't break our necks trying to get to it" list.  We actually hit it on our last day in Paris, just mere hours before we caught the train back to CDG.  Everything we had read about it RAVED, so we made a little time for it--and when I say "a little time", I mean an hour.  We literally covered the good parts at a brisk walk, with whining children in tow, unfortunately.  

It's probably one of those places you'd recognize without realizing you'd recognize it.  It's the museum with the big clock that used to be a train station--which totally appealed to the kids (and me, honestly), but was repurposed into a museum when the train tracks became too short for the longer trains.  It's also the building that's featured prominently in the movie "Hugo", if you've seen that. 

Although I still loved the Louvre and would pick that over the Orsay if I could only pick one museum to see in France, the Orsay gave you a more condensed "bang for your buck" (it's covered on the Museum Pass) and it would be a very close second.  It was smaller than the Louvre and even Jackson recognized many of the paintings--thank you Mrs. Tramm.

I was talking to my friend Jen about writing this post and about my feelings for the Orsay.  It was an awesome museum, with a spectacular collection of famous art.  And I understand *why* just so many people love it.  It really comes down to what's on your art bucket list, so to speak.  More than anything, I wanted to see the statues of the Venus de Milo and Winged Vicory and both of those were at the Louvre.  I'm sure that plays heavily into my feelings. Honestly, the architecture of the Orsay was beautiful--and to think that there was serious discussion of tearing it down when the local officials of Paris realized it couldn't be used as a train station anymore!

Sadly, they had a strictly enforced "NO PHOTO!!!" policy.  (But apparently I don't follow directions well)

 This picture says a lot...

Most of my pictures taken at the Orsay look like this...

Seeing Whistlers Mother was the highlight of my trip to the Orsay.  It was huge and discretely tucked into a corner! I actually walked by it the first time and didn't notice it (This is truly hard to imagine now because it actually is SO big).  

I absolutely *love* this picture.  It was one that I snapped quickly without really realizing what the entire frame looked like.  I wonder if these two guys know each other.  Or are they perfect strangers sharing a moment...

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  1. You got away with taking A LOT of pictures! What's your secret? You know how people write posts on how to take good photographs? You should write a post on how to take photos when you're not supposed to and without getting caught! :)


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