Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Brats Go To Disneyland Paris!

After all the travel and museum-hopping we have put our dear brats through over the past year and a half, and knowing what frequent and constant museum-induced torture we were about to put them through, we decided to begin our spring break trip to Paris in DISNEYLAND!!!

(The land where Minnie has armpit hair--ok, not REALLY, but I just couldn't resist...)

Now before I tell you all about our trip, let me remind you that there are two kinds of people in this world...

*Those who think that Disney is indeed heaven on Earth

*And those who don't

We are the first kind of people.

But flying to Disney in Orlando isn't exactly an option for us since we live in Italy, so DLP (Disneyland Paris) was just going to have to do for now.

To sum up our trip to DLP in one sentence, we had a good time.

Was it a great time? Great would be stretching it a bit. It was good.  Just "good". Did my kids have a good time? Yep, you betcha. Especially the two little ones.  

DLP is like the stepsister of Disney Orlando.  They look much like the same, especially when you first enter the park.  Main Street USA is just like Main Street USA in Orlando--and it was kind of cool to see all the American flags flying--keep in mind we haven't really seen many here in Italy! 

It's a Small World is still a main attraction (and still my personal favorite) and the workers still yell at you when your kid continues to be the one who stands up on the ride, except they yell at you in French first...not that I would know from personal experience or anything...

You can still get your picture taken with a princess 

or two...

And a character 

or two

And the workers at DLP all wear cute little Mickey shaped name tags, instead of saying what state they are from, they say what country they are from.  Everyone was very nice. Just like in Orlando. 

And in the center of the park, there's a beautiful castle--just like in Orlando--except in Paris, it's Sleeping Beauty's castle instead of Cinderella's, although you can still find her hanging around.  But here she speaks with a French accent!

And it was the 20th anniversary of the park opening in Paris, so that was kind of cool.  

Disneyland Paris is like Disney World Orlando Light.  Would I go back? Probably not, but I'm glad we went. Once. And it was kind of cool to hear Cinderella speak French, although now poor Delilah is REALLY confused!

If you are planning a trip to DLP and have some questions, please feel free to email me.  I know I had a million questions but there really just isn't much info out there in English.  My address is

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  1. Fun! The mister and I would love to visit before we PCS just to say we've been there. Plus I want to compare to Disney Land in California.


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