Friday, June 14, 2013

WOO HOO!! We Made It!

Note from Friday morning, Italy time:
For whatever reason (Blogger drives my CRAZY), this post failed to load yesterday and I was so busy, I didn't notice it until this morning.  So when I refer to "today" in the post, it was actually yesterday :( Sorry!

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, I know you are probably expecting a travel post describing one of the awesome places we've visited here in Europe, and we'll get to that, I promise.

But not this week.

This week's Thursday topic is better.

We made it.


I'm posting this later than usual because, well because it's the last day and last days of school are always CRAZY BUSY!  Today was no exception!!

I'd like to say that this school year went by like a blur...but I'd totally be lying through my teeth if I did. It was like groundhog's day for most of the year.  And seriously, I could have spanned the globe with the miles that I travel back and forth to those school everyday.  UGH!!  I am so glad that's over...For the summer, at least...

It's not that our kids didnt' have a fabulous year--they did.  Their teachers were awesome, some of the best that they've ever had.  And how bad can it be to go to school in Italy and get to visit 3 foreign countries on school trips during the year.  (Tory got to, and they actually drove through a forth) When I was in school, we were lucky to make it to Washington, DC...which was 3 hours away!

This was just one of those years that summertime, really the end of school-time, couldn't come quick enough.  Those of you who are teachers or who have children understand the difference. Summertime has its own challenges, don't get me wrong.  But with four children in four different school, our life is hectic!  Once upon a time, I thought that life would get LESS hectic when my kids got older, but boy was I wrong.  It's not the two little ones that we do all the running around for, it's the two older ones!

But here we are on the last day of school!  We made it!  And I have to say, although the race to the end of the year finish line felt like it would never arrive, it did, and I can't help but reflect on the fact that in three very short years which will arrive much too quickly, the oldest of our flock will be off to college.  I'm not sure I'll be ready for that.... While watching Tory, our oldest, receive 7 academic awards this year, Steve whispered to me, "When did she grow up?"  I told him we should have never potty trained her....

Tory, Our High Schooler...

So glad she's decided to wear her hair curly :)

 (At the end of the day, after a day of swimming with friends)

Trey--Our Middle Schooler

(Let's just say that Trey isn't a "morning person" and leave it at that....)

He gained 33 pounds, made the honor roll, and lost a few teeth this year...

Just a little more awake after school...

Jackson--The Kindergartener

He has grown so much in so many ways

First day...(round two of Kindergarten)

We love these ladies so much

Delilah--Our Preschooler

Delilah loves her Part Day Preschool teacher, Ms. Silvia.  She's Italian and we love her too.  (If you know Ms. Silvia, please don't tell her that I put a picture of her looking like this on the Internet). She's really very pretty!

This sums up a lot about Delilah's personality 

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  1. Delilah was just a baby when I last saw her!! I can't believe she's in Preschool.


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