Thursday, June 6, 2013

Soave Castle Part II--After the Castle

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If you haven't read Part I about our tour of Soave castle, go HERE.

If you have, here's the part of the story that we don't tell most people.  When it was all said and done that day, our family had experienced a GREAT day--one that I hope we'll always remember....

Was it because the castle itself was so awesome?

Probably not....

Was it because we endured enjoyed the torture of dragging ourselves exercise up to the top of the hill to  the castle....

I don't think so...

Here's the part we don't tell most people:

This guys started it...

Remember this part of the inner wall of the castle?

Steve climbed the stairs, went in the doorway, and out on the ledge.  So, naturally, everyone wanted to climb the stairs, go through the doorway, and out on the ledge.  So we did.  It wasn't the going up that was so was the coming down.  Once again, Steve started it.

If you have kids, or have ever been around kids, or ever were a kid, you understand what happened next: Monkey See, Monkey Do...

Jackson saw Delilah, so natural, he wanted to jump off....and so on....  So we did....all of us...for the better part of an entire hour!


The girls




Even Tory got in on the action...

Even Steve and I gave it a try.  The Italians starred at us like we were lunatics...but damn, we had a great time!!


  1. The series of photos with your girls jumping together is priceless. You always have some stunning photos.

  2. Thanks Sarah! They are twins with 12 years between them!

  3. That is hysterical! I love the pic of you prepped to catch Steve. So much fun!


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