Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Hi There!

I wanted to take this moment on a Wordless Wednesday to beg for followers.  

Here's the thing...I've got a couple of pretty snazzy give-a-ways coming up and only followers will be eligible. 

 It doesn't matter who you are. 

There are no rules for being a follower.  Anyone can be a follower.  

And ANY follower can win....doesn't matter if you know me or not...(random number generator will pick the lucky, lucky, LUCKY winner).  

BUT, you have to be a follower to win...

Don't know how?  Look over on the right hand side for the white "Bloglovin'" button.  

It looks like this.

Click it.

Follow the steps.

(did you do it?)

Yes?  Good job!


Look for something that looks like this...

Type your name in the box where it says "email address".  Be sure to click submit... This is the easiest way...especially if you don't follow a lot of blogs...

And finally, you can look for this....

It's ok to be a follower in this case...and I've given you THREE ways to win prizes!!! WOOHOO!!

Now here's a picture for our NotSo Wordless Wednesday!

This is Big Lew...he's the "one giant Newfoundland" in our story...

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