Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Podere Casanova--The Final Event--A PIZZA Dinner!

On the last night of our wonderful stay at The Podere Casanova, Lisa and her family offered to prepare a traditional Italian pizza dinner for us at the farmhouse.  She and her family had yet to disappoint us, so we were quick to say yes!

We placed our pizza orders inside and when it arrived, everything was as we had expected it to be: delicious! 

But wait, Lisa, Lara, and the rest of their family had a surprise for us! 

They had fired up the brick stone oven outside on the patio and were ready to give the little ones pizza making lessons! It was awesome and a totally authentic experience for us all and the kids had a blast!

Ok, get ready...I took a TON of pictures...(shocker, I know) but I couldn't help it.  The kids looked so adorable in their cute little aprons and hats!

Lisa and Lara's papa showing us the oven where the pizzas cook.  He was the nicest man--so kind and friendly.  I wish I had gotten a better picture of him.  He treated us like family the entire time we were there.

Trey and Jackson in their chef hats and aprons.  They were both pretty good sports about the whole thing.  I think Trey actually enjoyed it more than he admitted.

The boys rolling out their dough to make their pizza.

Lisa giving the boys some pizza making tips. 


The boys using the giant paddles to put their pizzas in the oven. I was surprised at how light weight they were!

 Papa helping Jackson take his pizza out of the oven.

 Preparing their Nutella Pizza!

I LOVE the look on Trey's face!

Delilah was tired and had been reluctant to join in (apparently she was "shy" on that night), but when she saw that there was chocolate involved, she jumped RIGHT in.

She grabbed that pizza torture device and went to town on her dough, like she knew exactly what to do with it. We were all cracking up!

Papa helping her with her pizza.

Waiting for it to cook in the oven

Getting her pizza ready to eat!!

Apparently, it was good...

The whole gang after making pizzas!

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