Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Italian Myths About Americans

TOP 15
Italians have about
(As told to me by my Italian friends)

1. All Americans are rich and there is almost no poverty in America.

2. Everyone in America is from New York City. Or California. Or maybe Texas.

3. Americans eat ketchup all the time. With every meal. 

4. While chewing gum. All the time. 

5. Americans drive huge cars and they are all brand new.

6. All Americans have huge families.

7. Everyone in America vacations at Disney World or Myrtle Beach.

8. Every American owns and carries guns on their hip, John Wayne style.

9. Every American is a cowboy.

10. Americans wear jeans all the time, except when they are wearing workout clothes (because we are all in great shape because of all the working out we do).

11. Americans only own two types of shoes: flip flops and tennis shoes

12. We all know George Clooney.

13. And Julia Roberts

14. We all drink beer and never wine.

15. Americans think all Italians are in the mob.

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  1. I wish I had a big brand new car! Most Italians don't know where Oregon is until I say North California. Then they get it.


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