Monday, October 7, 2013

Catch and Release

This morning, I awoke to one of those dark and dreary days that are so typical of Italy in October.  It's almost as if Italy says goodbye to the sun in late September and we aren't reintroduced to her again until late May.  Rain, rain, the season's change and fall shifts slowly into winter....ugh....

But, as I was saying...this is a dreary, cloudy day here in Italy and I haven't been able to shake the BWB (bad weather blues) lately. You would think that with all the cold and damp weather, and having to keep our windows shut up lately, our fly population (read here about it) would have deminished. Not so. I swear those little suckers have multiplied. Yesterday, I apparently left the window of the car rolled down just a smidge...not enough to let any rain in, but apparently just enough to allow every fly in the Veneto to take up residence on my seats. 
I was greeted by about two dozen of them this morning when Delilah and I were leaving for school. At first, I frantically waved my arms trying to get them out of the window in disgust.  Then, the thought hit me....I strapped Delilah into her car seat and drove off with my windows shut and with flies buzzing around.  
Our first stop way to her preschool.  It was raining, but I rolled down my window, not all the way, but just enough.  

Next stop, Jackson's school....again, I rolled down the window--just about two inches this time.  
It was raining steady by this point, but little did everyone (who passed me and wonder why I had left my window down) know that I had a plan.

Success!  I arrived back to the car a couple hours latter and head back to pick up

My own "catch and release" plan of action :)

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