Friday, July 5, 2013


When living in a country that's not your own, it becomes impossible not to compare your "passport country" to your "visa country".  Some of the best advice I ever got when first moving here was:

Italy isn't America.  Stop trying to change it...

Yep, so true.  

Believe me, there are many, many things that I adore about Italy, especially once I got used to it.  I've tried to stop the running comparison in my head, but I'll freely admit that I sigh when I'm talking to my best friend and she mentions running out to Target now and again. And don't get me started on how much I miss Starbucks.

But Italy has its perks.  The best wine in the world can literally be found right outside my backdoor (no, seriously...there are 7 wineries within a mile of my house) and it's actually FAR cheaper than water.

Access to fresh (truly FRESH) food is super easy here.  There's always a market selling it close by.
(Read about the one I love the most HERE) I have a cherry, persimmon, apple, and pomegranate tree in my backyard. And Italian food is delicious.

But what I love about Italy the most is the pace. Yes, Italian drivers can be crazy and there are seriously cities (any including Rome and south of there) where I wouldn't even consider driving.  But honestly, I have only seen 2 accidents since I've been here, so there's got to be something to say about that.  It's not the driving pace that I'm referring to though.  People's attitudes here are much slower, so to speak.  The favorite word of any "worker" (like the cable guy, the repairman, the mechanic) is "domani, domani", which means "tomorrow", although it's rarely tomorrow that anything gets done.

Things seem so much less RUSHED here.  People stop and talk to each other in our tiny towns, families go for walks together, and meals at restaurants can honestly take 3 hours.  I've grown to love that about Italy. And you have to admire a country that takes a 3 hour lunch break in the middle of the day...


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  1. When I click on the picture to vote for you it just opens the picture. I'm not sure you're getting a vote.

  2. I think most people stationed here hate it because they keep trying to compare it to America. I love Italy for being Italy.


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