Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Brat Girls

I'm taking a brief break from my posts on Paris because we are on vacation in Croatia and I haven't any pictures of our Paris vacation to upload into a post :) Plus, my wifi is spotty to say the least, although my awesome new Croatian friend Teuta is letting me hack into hers. Such is the life of a military family living's just one constant European vacation after another...poor us (teehee). We'll return soon and I'll finish telling you about our fab Parisian vacation, but until then...
For those of you who don't know our family personally (all 12 of you) "The Brats" as I like to refer to them are made up of our four kids--Tory 15, Trey 13, Jackson 6, and Delilah 3.  I often worried that with such a large gap between our kids, the age difference would prevent any of them from having a close sibling bond with each other. As an only child, I REALLY wanted my brats to have that experience.  I figured that it would probably be the two oldest who would have it, but I was surprised when it actually turned out to be Tory and Delilah who are the closest. Apparently even 12 years can't stop the bond between sisters and a million times a day, I am reminded exactly what Tory looked and acted like when she was Delilah's age. They could be twins--with just 12 years between them--and their relationship really makes me wish I had had a sister who looked just like me, too. 

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