Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Tooth Fairy!

Of all of our children, Jackson is by far our most enthusiastic when it comes to holidays and the "special visitors" that are associated with them.

It's always Jackson who wakes up looking for Buddy, our elf on the shelf, and he's always the most excited for Christmas morning. 

He anxiously awaits Valentine's Day (which he still calls ValenTIMES Day) so that he can give everyone the handmade cards and presents he's been working on for weeks.

And he is ALWAYS the first to encourage everyone out of the bed on Easter, his favorite holiday, to hunt for eggs that the bunny left.

And don't even get me started on the crazy amounts of excitement which accompanies Halloween... 

It's Crazy with a capital "C".

Since seeing the movie, Rise of the Guardians", Jackson has been ecstatic about loosing his first tooth and getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  We just were sure when this would happen because apparently the age when children "shed"  their first teeth is hereditary and our people tend to hang on to our choppers for forever. 

It seemed that all his friends and classmates had lost a tooth by the end of this school year. He would wiggle, wiggle, wiggle those teeth and....nothing. 

(Heavy Sigh) 

We would help him wiggle, wiggle, wiggle..and no such luck. 

Apparently, those teeth were super glued in there!

With gorilla glue...

And the school year ened with no lost tooth.  And no visit from the TF. Bummer.
Even I was a little sad.

And then suddenly it happened. It started out with just a little tiny wiggle, that transformed into a giant wiggle, and 24 hours later: WHAM! A lost tooth!

But it doesn't just end there! We tucked his tooth u dee his pillow and hoped for the Tooth Fairy. 

Imagine our surprised, when under his pillow the next morning was a crisp $5, a €5, and a picture from the Tooth Fairy!

Apparently, she's had to step it up a bit since I lost a tooth!


  1. Yay Jackson!! I bet he was thrilled! Logan doesn't even have a loose one yet so he's still ahead of some of the bunch.

  2. Does your tooth fairy leave Euro or dollars? Since moving to Germany, our kids get Euro. Which they are very happy with considering the exchange rate.


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