Monday, June 10, 2013

An Update & Delilah's Version of the "Sticker"

I've got ONE more Kiwi Crate to give away!!  See yesterday's giveaway post...

I've been waiting since last week to post about this, but in order to give my blog a better "flow", I've decided to follow a not-strict-at-all guide to scheduling my posts.  Here's what I've come up with so far:

*Momma Monday--I'll try to keep all of the cutesy stories about the wonderful and fabulous things the kiddos do to this day--although I have enough stories about their antics that I could almost tell a story everyday....

*Around Town Tuesday--This day will be dedicated to things, events, traditions, etc... that focus on Italy and our local area.  This is also the day were I will "discuss" all things military in nature, since the reason we are enjoying this fabulous continent is thanks to the military.

*Wordless Wednesday--I didn't realize just how popular this series of posts are across the blogospere, but it seems that everyone is doing a "Wordless Wednesday".  It's a great way to post pictures that I really love, or that I'd like to share, but wouldn't necessarily write an entire post about...

*Travel Thursday--One of the main perks about living over here in Europe is the amazing opportunities for travel that are so cheap and available to us.  Almost all of our trips span the course of several days and just too much happens on our vacations to just post about them for one day.  I picked Thursday as the day to post most of our travel adventures because it allows me to carry over into the weekend if I need to....which I'm sure I will....we spent 8 full days in Paris--how could I post about it all in just one post...

*UCMTSU Friday--Like Wordless Wednesday, the UCMTSU series is one that I've been posting about already on Fridays.  This is the crazy stuff that happens over here (this is another series for which I will NEVER run out of topics...), where we shake our heads and say to ourselves, "You Can't Make This Shit Up..."

*The Weekend--Saturday and Sunday are my free days...I'll post about whatever I want on those days, perhaps a continuation of a travel post, something awesome we bought recently, cuteness my kiddos were up to, or just whatever I want to discuss.  I see the weekend as my time to ramble on even more than I do on regular days!

Ok, now I'll get on to my much anticipated (by me, at least) Momma Monday post.

Last week, Delilah and I headed out to run some errands, and like most days, it was just she and I, and I had a list of things I needed to tackle.  With the end of the school year fast approaching, I've been trying to get as much done during the school year as possible so that we can better focus on traveling and having fun this summer as a family! In short, I was BUSY and she was tagging along for the ride, so to speak...

We headed out early, and Delilah brought her purse, naturally, and also this little pink bag that she's been fond of lately as well.  It's pink and purple, shiny, with lots of stars on it.  The best part is that it came free inside a box of diapers that I purchased online from Wal-Mart last year. It originally contained a trail pack of Always brand panty liners and pads that I *thought* I had given to Tory long ago...

If you're following along, you can see where this story is headed...

So, we headed out on our "adventures" to Ali (the Italian grocery store), the commissary, the Post Exchange, the post office, and finally Viridea (the Italian flower store).  It was lots and lots of in and out of the car--me with my list, and Delilah with her purses...and Delilah chattering away behind me about her "stickers" from her purse.

I honestly didn't notice until we were leaving Viridea, the last place on our list, and I was buckling Delilah up in her carseat to leave.   

The stickers that she had covered herself with, were in fact, the panty liners and pads from the trial pack.
 I personally love the one with wings....

Yep.  That's right.  We trotted all around post and Italy that day with my daughter covered in stickers pads. And she thought she was SO fancy, too.

In my defense, we are a sticker family.  Jackson has a collection that would rival Sandylion's and Delilah is also a huge fan of the sticker.  It's not unusual at all for Steve to leave for work with a little HelloKittyMyLittlePonyMinnieMouse bling on his uniform.  And I am usually sporting a little bling of my own--lately it's been Dora...In a pinch, a band-aid makes a fabulous sticker at our house, though this usually means there are no band-aids to be found when someone is bleeding to death in the kitchen.

Jackson's bed...I did not tell him he could do this...his father did.

Now that I look back on that day, I wonder what exactly people were thinking when they saw us that day...especially the Italians who already look at us like we are freaks of nature odd sometimes.  I'm just glad I didn't walk into Viridea with an Always with Wings stuck to my shirt...

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  1. She is so darling...and will be mortified by this photo someday.

    1. That's my goal, Kaarin, that's my goal... :)

  2. Looking at these pictures of Delilah reminds me of the pictures I have of myself around the age of 4 where I am wearing plaid pants with wonder woman underwear - over my pants ! (It was the eighties and I was geeky.)
    Can't wait to hear about your week in Paris.

  3. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you not love that maxi pad clad gal? So funny, adorable, and EXCELLENT blackmail someday! Watch out Delilah! :)

  4. That is hysterical and she looks so proud of herself!


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