Sunday, May 5, 2013

Podere Casanova

Italians "sell" Italy by using Tuscany as its backdrop.  With its beautiful rolling hills of vines and olive trees and quant Tuscan farmhouses tucked between its valleys, the Tuscan region is what we as Americans expect Italy to be like.  Our family traveled to Tuscany in April of last year for our school Spring Break.  The weather here in April is still cold and rainy but we decided to give Tuscany and Florence a go anyway.  It was our family's first "real" trip since moving to Italy the December before and so we were a little leery of being too adventurous with our lodging choices.  Some friends had suggested Podere Casanova as the perfect place for our Tuscan vacation and so we took their advice and booked the largest part of the farmhouse, the Cipresso Apartment.  We were not disappointed!  Lisa and Lara, the sisters who own the farmhouse made our vacation amazing! Tucked away down a tiny rock-covered road in the Chianti hill country, the farmhouse was perched onto a hill overlooking the picturesque town of Montespertoli.  The views were some of the best we've seen in Europe!

We traveled up this dirt road between the olive trees 

The view in itself was simply breathtaking!  

We ate a couple meals at this table

 View of the town of Montespertoli

It really was this beautiful!  I am so thankful we stayed there.  We arrived on a Saturday evening specifically because our friends had told us the Saturday night dinner that the sisters provided was not to be missed.  It was amazing, with some of the best food we've had in Italy.

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