Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top Ten Things I Miss About the USA (ok, it turned into more than 20)

Some of these need no explanation.... 1. Starbucks 2. Cheeseburgers--They just don't have them here. 3. Mexican Food--Ok, they do have the "Italian" version of Mexican food. I ordered a crunchy taco and what I got was a soft shell filled with beef, hunks of potatoes, sliced carrots, and bean salsa. It was gross. And 10 EURO.. 4. Tampons--Once again, they just don't have them here (other than on post) 5. AC--Now let's discuss the "Italian" version of air most cases, it's called a window. Luckily, we have a form of AC. Just imagine the worst AC you have ever had...this is worse. And ten times more expensive to run. 6. Weed Killer--They just don't have it here...who knew??? 7. The Garbage Disposal--I miss this the most, I think. 8. Normal Roads--Italian roads=half the size of US roads, drivers are crazy, we have a Suburban...enough said. 9. Casual Conversation--I don't speak Italian well. Yet. And I'm from the South. We talk to everyone. 10. Pumping Gas/Filling up the Tank--the Italian men DIE if you try to do it here!  I'll post the next 10+ soon.

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