Sunday, December 11, 2011

House hunting

We were able to find a house on Friday afternoon. It is perfect--the completely perfect idea I had in my mind of what an Italian house would look like. It's a large house, complete with four bedroom, an awesome fireplace in the kitchen, next to French doors that lead out onto a patio that goes around the house. Our interpreter/driver, Fabio was nice and showed us a lot of awesome thing about the house. We are very excited to have people come a visit.


  1. Yeah! I am super thrilled you are doing this!! And I'm honored to be your first follower:). Have so much fun in Italy!! I'm going to live vicariously through you! Lots of love and ROLL TIDE!!

  2. Fabulous!!! Can't wait to c more pics!!! Miss u guys!!

  3. Amy-
    Great news!!! That was fast. It looks great. We can't wait to visit. When will your household goods and cars arrive? When do you move in? How are the kids doing?

  4. Way to go! You are quick! I want to see more pictures. I sure do miss dropping in on you :(

  5. Looks amazing! Hope you are all getting settled--send your new address so I can get your Christmas card in the mail!!


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